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  1. How do I use the jetpack ?
  2. How do I Join the Clan ?
  3. I got the jetpack, now when I try to get in I get jet-pack mis-match error messages … ?
  4. How come the teams were twelve against five … ?
  5. Who is pbg … ?
  6. You have the best server I’ve ever seen, can I make a donation for your servers … ?
  7. Can i be an admin … ?

How do I use the jetpack ?

[you must download the pack, then open the zip folder and copy the contents to your ut system folder. this can be found usually in your c drive. Open your c drive you should see a ut 2004 folder (its not in program files) open the ut 2004 folder and you will see a bunch of folders (animations, benchwark, demos etc.) copy the contents of the zip to system. thats it its installed. next you need to keybind a key to turn it on and off one key. this can be done by opening the game selecting settings. In the next screen choose input, then Configure Controls. Scroll to the bottom and where key one corresponds with turn jetpack on/off left click one time with the mouse then press any key you want to be that key. congrats your done]

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How do I Join the Clan ?

[You start by getting to know us. There are several ways but the forums are your best bet. Once you are familiar with us and vice versa we have a vote. This process takes between two and five days and if there are enough votes you are in. It is important that you know that personal character and sportsmanship are way more important to us than fragg skilz. We are here to have fun and this does include clan matches but they are not by any means an every weekend thing. There is a lot more information in our forums and a direct link on our home page.]

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I got the jetpack, now when I try to get in I get jet-pack mis-match error messages … ?

[You did not download the jet-pack from our website and you have gotten the wrong version. There are four different versions of jetpack2k4 only one of them is compatable with our servers, this is why we post that particular version as a download on our website. most everything else in the download section is a link to where the corresponding item can be accessed. The way to fix the problem is to: open the folder (the one you downloaded originally) then go to your UT2004/system folder pull out the files that correspond with whats in that folder(that you downloaded originally). Then download the version from our website and follow the installation directions in faq #1 or follow the instructions in the folder. This will correct the problem.]

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How come the teams were twelve against five … ?

[The team with twelve players had a bunch of sentinels set up. Sentinels sometimes appear with the name: web-admin, the players name that they belong to, bots names, etc.. they are still in beta form, there are some small issues with them, that is one sorry. Thats the price you pey when you want to use the most recent mutators out there. DO NOT complain to the author. if you feel you need to vent email ME! the author/s of the mutes do this out of their spare time for the love of the game, again they are beta! and not expected to be perfect period.]

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Who is pbg … ?

[pbg is a small but rapidly growing clan, we all have one thing in common Unreal Tournament. We didnt start this gig to beg for money, we just freakin love the game. Yes, we do accept challenges from other clans of any game type but our game types of choice are ONS and VCTF.]

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You have the best server I’ve ever seen, can I make a donation for your servers … ?

[This is a current topic of discussion, we do accept donations as of july 2008 if you wish to maks a donation you can do so here..This link has been updated and is current as of March 2, 2019 in the event you are compelled to help keep us alive. ]

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Can i be an admin? … ?


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