JetPack2k4 mutator for server

Jetpack (or How I Learned To Stop Fearing The Redeemer)
Version 1.0 for UT2004

Changes : version 1.1 makes the leaning quicker, ups the particle count for a smoother trail at higher speeds, and fixes the jetpack snagging on geometry when flying around uncontrollably

Functionality : provides players a jetpack with which to fly around with
Compatibility : usable with any mod or mutator that properly handles mutator chaining, gamerules chaining, and interaction chainin
Installation : unzip Jetpack.u,, and Jetpack.ucl to your UT2004\System folder.

Use : Run UT2004 and configure your controls. Scroll to the bottom and bind a key to “Toggle Jetpack On/Off”. start a game (multiplayer, instant action, doesn’t matter), and select Jetpack from the mutator list and add it to the used mutator list. Start game. Activating the Jetpack will cause it to start the only thing it does – thrust you upwards. While you have the Jetpack on, you have no standard air control (moving yourself in mid-air magically), however, you can lean with the Jetpack on. To lean, simply use your forward/backward/strafe keys. Note that with the Jetpack on, you have momentum (as well as gravity still), and while it’s easy to pick up speed leaning, it’s equally hard to slow yourself down from a good clip. Also note that there is no limit such as fuel – the jetpack will stay on and going for as long as you want it to. For this, it’s probably not the greatest idea to use on sniper happy maps.

Notes for those interested: Jetpack is not Karma. I know somebody is going to claim it is. It’s not.

Credits : eXoR – for the idea of hacking Interaction for real player control

Jetpack is solely my creation. You have every permission to export the classes to learn from it, pass it along to your friends, stick it up your nose (for all I care). Don’t be stupid, you already know not to try to sell something like Jetpack, so don’t bother trying.