Still updating stuff. Nothing on PBG that would be noticed though. I began working on a battle royale game a while back. I will release this game through my own software company. It is running on the unreal 4 engine which may be updated to 5 if possible, if not then the follow up game will be. I currently have a lot of the mechanics worked out but am having to build 3d assets which is time consuming and slowing the overall production. None the less it is moving forward. I will not get into the specifics of the game due to the fact that no one has done it as of yet. It is a completely fresh take on battle royale. I will throw out some pix at some point but I need to have everything solid first and it is a long ways from that. Anyway while I was developing assets I decided to make a lego character because of the amount of lego stuff I have done with 2k4 and ut3 it seemed an appropriate break from the other stuff I have been doing. As pictured it is in the Unreal 4 editor, I was basically fixing some texture anomalies before I rig it for gameplay.

Updates July 2020

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