A couple Screens of VCTF-[pbg]-NYOFaceClassic coming soon

This is an enlarged as well as slightly different version of the face classic map. I have made this larger so it can be used as a vctf map since the original had no chance of that happening in any kind of proper way.

This will have all the normal expected pbg artwork as well as some minor changes to the original map. I am leaving the weapon placement and flags alone so everyone is already familiar with where everything is. The biggest change is the scale, though I will likely add a couple weapon lockers around back due to having vehicles and the gameplay changing dramatically.

These images are in editor and in play as well as current. there are no paths for Ai yet and I have to add back a couple original pickups due to the way I created this map (not a just simple copy paste job). I have been working on this at night and I have been working on it for a while however it is getting close to being able to be pathed for Ai and should be complete within a month or less.


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