Wow UT 2k4 becomes 16 years old soon, that’s insane. Even more insane is that it still compares to modern games on many levels. It does fall short on graphics however that’s really all and even that is not by too much anyway. The game 16 years later still gets large games and still has many die hard fans. It simply put is amazing.

The current server which was located on the west coast of USA has been moved to the East coast of USA to accommodate European players as there seems to be more of them than American players these days. This means you will need to update your favorites list as we will have a new IP address and will appear to be down in your favorites list. Most likely we will be in the VCTF game type server list as that is our default game type. So my ping is hovering about 108 which is within about 40 of the European players. I honestly do not even feel it in any way personally even though my ping more than doubled.

Last set of updates added grapple to the link alt fire for friendlies and a few more hit points to the rocket launchers and the Sniper rifle. Last batch of vehicle updates brought back the [pbg]TaNK. the TaNK can climb anything it can transition onto, including walls and was a favorite of many for that reason. It also allows you to carry the flag in a stealth manor. The flag is still on the radar map but it doesn’t stick out of the top of the TaNK. Better players will not be fooled by the lack of flag. They will find you and shoot you, well I will find you and shoot you! lol. Everything else still hovers or fly’s, I will adjust the hovering stuff again once I have had time to play a bit more to test stuff.

I also added about 25 new or used VCTF maps into the mix the other night. I haven’t adjusted the list to read properly yet so they will be at the bottom of the map list. I will leave them that way for a while so they are easier to find.

Happy New Year,

New Year 2020!

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