So I haven’t done an update in a while. Ive been very busy in the real world lately is why. I am currently working on a FPS game using UT4. This will be my first ground up shooter and will be similar to ut2k4 deathmatch. I have only just begun so it is a year or maybe 2 away from finishing up. At this point I have begun working with blender to create game assets and weapons etc. I am also working with the editor to create world spaces. The last ground up I created was single player and all in flash so I am excited to be creating a multi player as that was not an option on the flash game. What I would like to do is basically recreate ut2k4 just updated to use more modern meshes and textures so it looks better than the original but plays very similar unlike ut3, and ut4 is a non start because the geniuses at epic believe that type of game to be over due to fortnite and apex legends style games dominating the FPS market. I don’t believe this to be true personally. I believe that if a solid shooter was produced that is playable and not slow and sluggish it would do great. We will see soon enough.

If you are new here please feel free to poke around, make an account and introduce yourself. If you are currently playing on the server welcome to the site.

Merry Christmas 2019

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