I am continuing to make adjustments to the site to make it easier to access and use. Things will continue to change but only slightly.

I have a new build of vehicles I just haven’t loaded them onto the server yet. I also have somewhere between 60 and 120 maps to load up for VCTF. I plan to get this done this weekend However we will see.

The server is now running [pbg] versions ov CTF, VCTF, ONS, DM, MUT and NoSkillz VCTF. All gametypes are votable through the map vote menus. Where it shows the cametype above the maplist is a drop down menu just like the map list and the gametypes can be changed there. Maps can also be changed at any time with a 51% majority vote. If you happen to be alone in the server you are able to change it whenever you like.


Site and server updates 5-10-2019

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