So… Epic Games has purchased easy anti-cheat and a lot of people are in a tiff. This is really only an issue due to recent developments regarding porting of modern games to Linux.

At this point the work on the ports has stopped because epic games does not want to support Linux and the makers of the port need easy anti cheat to work for their port. This to me is basically leaving the world of Linux in the dust yet again and without Microsoft’s intervention. Whatever, IMO the bigger picture should be for every manufacturer to stop relying on third party software to save them from having to secure their game. This leaves them free of updates regarding hacks and cheats maximizing their profit as that is a huge issue in online gaming in general.

So what does this mean to you and to me? Well people running Linux will not receive updates leaving them free to capitalize on vulnerabilities and hack everyone’s game. This has the potential to be a major issue and even further if epic were to get pissed off and stop coverage of specific games, modern games, they could basically shut them down because without any security they will get heavily hacked. Lets face it, no one likes playing against hacks.

All I know for sure is there are a lot of pissed off people and a lot of worried companies, even though epic said they would keep easy anti cheat usable for all games as it has been. If you ask me I think that is the most punk rock thing epic has done to date.

Epic Games, easy anti-cheat and the crying…

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