Had a fun day today getting everything updated from the depths of 2006. I had a ton of stuff to do with my home server before I could even get to the point where it could be set up online to finally find out if the updates from 13 year old files would even work. So as I was preparing phpbb2 to be transferred to phpbb3 LOCO from wickedhq.com was looking up all the rest of the stuff necessary to transfer the db from phpbb3 to bbpress. After enough screwing around and changing settings we finally got it to take and the forums came back. Now there are only a few things left to address aside from a lot of missing images etc. That one I am not quite sure how to address as the phpbb2-phpbb3 is where they were lost in the mix unless they were externally linked. Anyway we are getting closer all the time. You can now login or make an account. If you are existing you will have to reset your password as they didn’t translate from one board type to the other.

Thanks for waiting 13 years! lol


Another round of updates

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