Since we had a brief hiatus restoring everything that was is probably not likely to be an option without a major amount of work trying to bring the past back to life. I am working on some stuff, what I believe to be important. There is a lot to come however it really would be a waste to bring back everything when there is so much more to come in the future. The forums are up but I am not allowing users yet as I may bring in our old forum board database, this is one of the past things I consider to be important as was the stats pages which are up and running though I would like to do a little updating to the php for weapon discovery of single player matches so there is that. I may also revive the ut3 stats at some point as well as a small server since the team has so many hours invested into it as well...

With all of that said please be patient for the next few months.

The future of PBG

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